We Build & Manage Outsourced Recruitment Teams

Our on-site coaching in the Philippines delivers explosive returns and removes all outsourcing headaches.

Think of us as your secret weapon.

We are the only outsourcing provider with a 10+ year agency-experienced Recruiter
on-site with your remote team, guiding them in person to ensure exceptional results.

Do any of these resonate? 

You're looking for ways to increase consultant productivity

High-paid consultants hiding behind resourcing and blaming time for lack of BD?

Finding it difficult to scale profitably? 

Consultants not delivering on roles quick enough?

Spending too much time on repetitive admin tasks?

You want to break into the USA market but time zones are limiting you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then take the first step and organise a call today.

Our on-site coaching in the Philippines delivers explosive returns and removes all outsourcing headaches

We become your eyes and ears on the ground, working side-by-side with your remote recruiters, coaching them in real-time to ensure exceptional results

We train in real-time

We use our 10+ years of recruitment expertise to coach your consultants on best practice, ensuring they find you top quality candidates, pre-qualified and ready to impress.

Freed up time

Imagine not having to micromanage every call or email. You can focus on growing your business while we handle the recruitment magic.

Lower salaries

Salaries for Filipino recruiters are significantly lower (around 70% less) than those in many Western countries, offering considerable cost savings.

We guarantee results

We take all the risk and hassle out of outsourcing, leaving you free to focus on what you do best: building your dream business and spending more time with clients and high-ticket tasks.

Confidently scale

Stuck at 10 employees? We help you smash through that barrier and confidently expand your team, even into new markets like the USA.

Break into the USA market

With a friendly time zone for the USA and large number of multi-national corporations have recruiting teams in Manila. Many recruiters in the Philippines are experienced in the US market.

We're your direct line to communication

No more time zone struggles or language barriers. We translate everything and keep you in the loop 24/7.

Exploding results

Say goodbye to bad hires and hello to placements that skyrocket your revenue. Our trained recruiters attract amazing candidates, boosting your success.

We move in-country with your team

That's right, we become your eyes and ears on the ground, working side-by-side with your recruiters.

Guiding you through every step of the way

Discovery Call

We need to understand your business to know if we will be a fit for each other.

Kick-off & Search  

Providing it's a fit, we agree terms and kick off the search, matching candidates based on your specific criteria.

Interview & Hire

You interview shortlisted candidates and make the final decision to hire


During onboarding you will work directly with our Director, Ryan Halson who will work hand in hand with you to understand how you work, define what success looks like and train your new staff members on your internal systems prior to the candidates first day with you.

First day & beyond

Your outsourced staff will be in the office with Ryan on a daily basis as he carefully guides them through the art of Recruitment to ensure your remote team achieves exceptional results. Providing communication throughout along with weekly and monthly reports with the metrics that matter to you.

I become your eyes and ears on the ground in the Philippines.
Think of me as your Fractional Delivery Manager, using my 10+ years of recruitment experience to coach your remote team in real-time

Ryan Halson
Managing Director of Managed.

Why the Philippines?

The Philippines provides the perfect combination of talent, affordability, government backing, and cultural alignment, making it an ideal choice for outsourcing.

Lower Salaries

Salaries for Filipino recruiters are generally significantly lower than those in many Western countries, offering considerable cost savings.

Talent and Skills

Talent pool: A large number of mult-national corporations have recruiting teams in Manila. Canva, Google, Infosys, BAE, Accenture, Wells Fargo, + many more

Recruitment Systems: Extensive knowledge of all the latest recruitment technologies, ATS’s, sourcing tools and methodologies.

Cultural Advantages

Strong work ethic: Filipinos are known for their dedication to their work and willingness to go the extra mile.

Positive attitude and customer service: Filipino culture emphasizes friendly and helpful interactions, leading to excellent customer service skills.

Diverse Experience

Filipino recruiters often have experience working with international clients and companies, increasing their adaptability and understanding of different business cultures.

Keep It In Your Timezone

The Philippines aligns perfectly with Australia (day shift) and the US (night shift) meaning your team works when you do, your team, your way.

Language Proficiency

English serves as the primary language in business, education, and daily communication from households to universities, contributing to the Philippines' high proficiency rating in global standards.


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